Financial planning has often been done by producing a large written document with a list of dozens of action items to accomplish. Our experience shows us this does not fit “real life” situations. Over the past two decades, we’ve developed a specialized and different approach to planning — one that provides better communication, organization, and motivation to pursue your goals at a pace that is more effective for our busy and regularly changing lifestyles.

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We call it the WealthGuide Planning Process. In it, we address your comprehensive financial planning needs through focus on four quarterly themes:

  • Investments
  • Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Goal Setting

By continuously addressing all areas of planning, over the years you will experience the power of relationship as we deepen and broaden our understanding of your personal values and desires.

The WealthGuide Planning Process is flexible and allows for periodic updates or course corrections as unexpected bumps in the path occur. These may be the result of personal challenges such as health issues or employment uncertainty, or global events like the current economic volatility.

Our effective WealthGuide Planning Process consists of four essential tools:


What are your biggest challenges and where do you need the most help today? This initial survey helps us determine that together. It assists in pinpointing the critical planning areas to discuss in our initial consultation, after which we can more accurately define the scope of work so that you get your plans started in the right direction. (View WealthPath Survey)


As our professional relationship develops, we compile a comprehensive assessment of your personal experiences, financial history, and decision-making processes. To personalize the experience for you, we draw on our decades of experience in assisting clients in pursuing their retirement and estate planning goals. The WealthCompass is regularly revised and updated with your personal and financial data to reassess the next set of recommendations for the journey ahead.


Think of this as your itinerary for the retirement journey. It’s a completely customized and personal set of recommendations and actions to help you achieve maximum results from our relationship together. One of the characteristics that our clients value most is our proactive approach of helping them fight procrastination so they can get things done in a timely manner.


Our philosophy includes a strong teamwork ethic. We work comfortably within your existing team of advisors, or can assist you in finding additional resources from the KWP WealthPack Network of advisors. Networked professional services providers are not affiliated with King Wealth Management or LPL Financial. By coordinating and communicating among your allied team of professionals, we can create a more integrated, prompt, and cost effective approach to problem solving.