To provide retirement guidance through long-term personal partnerships, so our clients can live their lives to the fullest.

Our Mission Statement is more than just words; it's the action we take, Let me define for you what a few of the keywords in our mission statement mean to me:



Retirement means different things to different people. At its core is the idea of "making work optional." We strive to discover how our clients really want to spend their time when given the freedom from financial worries. 



We don't make decisions for you, we make them with you; we provide the expertise, experience, and resources necessary for you to make informed decisions and get things done more efficiently and effectively than you would on your own. 

Personal partnerships

We form close relationships with our clients because we want to anticipate what your needs are and solve them proactively. We never want you to be disappointed in the level of communication, caring or service you get from us. 

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Live their lives to the fullest

Our goals is to help you define retirement your way and to live it on your design the second half of your life's adventure and plan to get the most out of it. Our biggest reward is to hear about our client successes. 

How can we do all this?  We are independent and offer impartial advice. We have a set of Guiding Values that our entire team believes in and lives by. Everyone does their piece to add value to the process which means it's not about working just with Paul King, but about having a systematized approach so you get to:

Experience the King Wealth Planning Advantage

If this is the experience you would like to have with the Advisors managing your wealth, we welcome an introduction to see how we might serve you. 

  • Integrated client-centered financial planning

  • Personal investment portfolio strategies

  • "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" educational community events

Our Guiding Values


our team