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King Wealth Planning fortified its email security system, through LPL, and it is called, “Proofpoint”. You may have seen it recently when receiving an encrypted message from us. Some messages we send will be encrypted so only you will be able to read the message. No one else will be able to access it. This is vital when emailing sensitive information.

Tech updates (1)

It is important that you know that with this upgrade, clients will be asked to register for Proofpoint as an end user. This is a one-time only registration process. Please do not be concerned, it will only allow you to receive and reply to encrypted emails we send.

Action will be required on your part the next time you receive an encrypted email from KWP. At that time, you will be prompted with instructions on how to register with Proofpoint, within the email.


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Proofpoint-external user instructions 1


Proofpoint-external user instructions 2



Proofpoint-external user instructions 3







Proofpoint-external user instructions 4










Proofpoint-external user instructions 5 mobile device  Proofpoint-external user instructions 5 mobile device 2Proofpoint-external user instructions 5 mobile device 3

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