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The trail to retirement can often be an uphill climb with numerous obstacles along the way. We have helped hundreds of individuals and families with the personal financial challenges of creating retirement plans, taking the actions necessary to bring those plans to reality, and providing guidance and advice to those who are living an active retirement lifestyle.  Whatever your situation, we invite you to experience the King Wealth Planning Advantage – working with our friendly, knowledgeable, experienced advisors to help you along your financial journey.

Planning For Retirement

Whether you are a year, 10 years, or more from retirement, we can help you make the choices that will give you a better chance of making those wishes a reality.

Questions you may have include:

  • How do I design a long term, tax-advantaged investment strategy?
  • How much do I need to save?
  • What risks might I or my family not be aware of?
  • What is the likelihood of achieving my retirement goals?

Ask us about our unique RetirementMAP service!

Career and Retirement Transitions

You may experience many transitions during your lifetime before deciding on a final stage we call retirement. Each time you change jobs or careers, a set of challenges present themselves in the form of decisions about income, benefits, insurances, and more. Call us to help you through the myriad of details and concerns that these transitions are bound to present you.

Decisions you might be making are:

  • Your personal definition of retirement
  • The right time to switch careers or start retirement
  • How to maximize company pension, 401(K), stock options, or other benefits
  • Am I eligible for an IRA rollover, Roth IRA conversion, or other tax-advantaged strategies?

Living in Retirement

Once you have made the retirement transition, your new journey begins. This century has provided dramatic increases in life expectancies that now provide retirees with a unique set of challenges. Our clients have come to value our long-term partnership to help guide them through the financial and lifestyle challenges of today… and tomorrow. Concerns you may have might be:

  • How do I create reliable sources of income to live on?
  • Should I change my investment strategy and how long will my investments last?
  • How will future increases in inflation and taxes affect my living expenses?
  • What choices do I have for my health and well-being over the years?
  • What techniques are available to pass money to my loved ones and charities of my choice?

Investment Advice and
Asset Management:

Whichever stage of retirement planning you find yourself in – preparing, launching, or living – we have the expertise to build a portfolio to fit your requirements.

The Importance of Financial Guidance

The Investment Consulting Process

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